Meet Liv

Hello, my name is Olivia Moglino and I am the founder of Liv Nut Free. I am severely allergic to peanuts, tree-nuts, shellfish, chickpeas and lentils.

When I was sixteen months old I experienced a near death anaphylactic reaction to peanuts. At the time my mom didn't know I was allergic and a minuscule trace of peanut oil was cross contaminated with a sandwich that I had eaten that day. After experiencing this reaction and my mom holding my lifeless body in her arms, we knew my life wasn’t going to be “normal.”

Every year I learn more and more how to cope and live with my allergies. Every experience and phase of life I go through shapes me into the independent person I am today. Having an allergy has taught me how to be an advocate for myself and what self love is!

At the age of seven a boy in my elementary school chased me around the cafeteria with a peanut butter granola bar saying “c’mon just eat it!!”. He eventually chased me into the principals office where I felt safe. Knowing the smallest spec of nuts could be deadly for me, I had to protect and stand up for myself.

At the age of fifteen, I had my first boyfriend. Having a severe nut allergy does not make dating easy. You have to train that person to understand and respect your allergy. They have to be dedicated to not eat nuts the day of seeing me, due to  cross contamination through kissing. One day this boyfriend told me he didn't eat nuts and kissed me. After the kiss, he asked me how I felt. I said “I’m fine, why?”. He said “no reason.” I said “why?!” He said “because I ate walnuts before you came here to see if you would actually react to nuts.” I immediately called my mom to pick me up and cried myself to sleep for weeks. Luckily walnuts is the only nut I am not allergic to and I did not have any reaction that evening. This whole incident taught me how to trust, and what self worth truly is.

At the age of sixteen, I started a business called Nada Nut Bakery. It is a peanut and tree-nut free bakery. Growing up with allergies, I couldn't eat the same cake as others at birthday parties because taking the chance with cross contamination was not worth ending my life over. Nut-Free bakeries didn't exist when I was younger. I’ve always dreaded “dessert time” because I knew all I could eat on the dessert table was fruit or whatever my mom prepared for me. I could never have anything from a regular bakery. At the age of sixteen, I took my love for baking and started to self teach myself how to bake from scratch and decorate custom cakes. I eventually opened up this niche to the nut-free community. The response I got was overwhelming. Parents crying and telling me how I’m changing their child’s life. Adults telling me they've never had nut-free baked goods professionally made. Knowing that I am changing people’s lives and bringing excitement and experiences they've never had before, is truly the best feeling I could ever ask for because I know how it feels to be them!

At the age of nineteen I have started Liv Nut Free. A brand that offers many of my dry ingredients for my baked goods to do yourself at home and also bakery boxes full of nut-free baked goodies! My mission is to expand the current options of nut-free desserts. I want someone who is allergic to nuts and dreads the whole “dessert” phase of life to just take a Liv Nut Free pouch and whip up their own gourmet nut-free brownies with the most premium quality ingredients and think “omg…”

It gives me so much gratification to be able to deliver my products to anyone in the USA who would like to indulge in nut-free gourmet desserts. Thank you so much for joining me along this journey!


Olivia Moglino

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